About My Stressed Cat

Would you like a happy cat and a clean home?

Have you sometimes secretly thought your life would be less stressful without your cat?

You’re not alone.

Cat anxiety and stress related behaviors are the number one reason cats are brought back to the shelter.

But nobody wants to adopt a cat with behavioral issues. The truth is most of them are euthanized. Most of them are healthy with treatable conditions, and most of them are simply misunderstood.

My Stressed Cat

And that’s exactly why My Stressed Cat exists.

My Stressed Cat offers free practical tips to support new and experienced cat parents and give cats ridden with anxiety a second chance. Learn how to:

About Traci

I don’t consider myself a cat expert. I don’t have a veterinary degree or an animal behavior certificate.

But, I’ve lived with four cats over the past two decades, including two Siamese-mix, a breed prone to anxiety-related behavioral problems.

About MyStressedCat.com

When I first adopted Edgar and Béla, I was trying to cope with the grief of losing my tuxedo cat, Ripley. I thought kittens would provide calm and joy. But instead, I found myself stressed, my tortie cat, Rosalyn, terrorized, and my relationship strained.

In the past 10 years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars: cleaning and repairing my home from cat damage, investing in medical solutions, and learning how to cope with cats afflicted with stress and anxiety.

And when I realized my cats’ lives were at stake, I knew I had to learn more about cat stress and anxiety.

Thanks to an incredible cat veterinary specialist, reading lots of books and articles from cat behavior experts, and a decade of trial and error, I’ve learned how to care for my cats, manage their stress and improve the quality of life for all of us.

I’m not the perfect cat parent. But I’m getting pretty good at it.

Now, I’d like to empower others to enjoy a happy and healthy home for themselves and their cat. I help you clean up your worst cat messes.  I teach you about natural cat behavior so you can create a stress-free environment. I help you take care of yourself and restore peace to your home.

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