Cat shedding season is hard, isn’t it?

We’ve all been there.

You’re watching cat fur tumbleweeds rolling through your living room. You want to invite guests over. But you’re afraid to let them sit down.

Black clothing?

You can’t even think about it.

Managing cat fur isn’t about the battle.

It’s about the preparation.

When you have the right tools in your arsenal, de-furring your home becomes a breeze. You’ll never fear tackling cat shedding season again.

Shall I explain?

Why is my cat shedding so much?

Is your cat shedding a little too much of their hair lately?

While shedding is part and parcel of good cat health, excessive shedding could be a red flag. But before you worry, there are plenty of reasons why your kitty might be shedding more than usual.

It could be their diet, a health issue, or even the season.

To be sure, schedule a checkup with your vet. In the meantime, help promote healthy skin and fur by providing your cat with a balanced diet high in protein, and low in carbs. Make sure your cat stays hydrated to maintain smooth skin and a luscious coat. Wet cat food is a great way to do this. After all, moisture-rich meals are what cats naturally eat in the wild—just imagine a can full of mice!

Which months do cats shed the most?

Cats don’t just shed during spring—they shed all year long. But spring—the season of renewal and rejuvenation—is one of the heavier shedding seasons, especially for outdoor cats. Just like us, cats also shed their winter coats during this time.

So, if you’re a cat parent, get ready to find bits of fur everywhere: on your couch, rugs, and pretty much every corner of your home. If you have a long-haired cat, brace yourself for a serious shedding explosion that can make you feel like you have a second cat in your home!

Fear not: Spring is the perfect time to tackle some serious cat-owner housekeeping.

Give some extra love to your cat’s beds, toys, and favorite climbing spots by giving them a good scrub down. And if there are items that can’t be salvaged, it might be time to toss them out.

Do cats shed more when they’re anxious?

It’s not just an old saying to make someone’s hair stand on end—it’s a physiological response in cats! When a cat is feeling nervous or scared, tiny muscles cause their hair follicles to stand up straight, eventually leading to a little more shedding than usual.

Stressful situations such as a trip to the vet can cause excessive shedding, but it’s completely normal.

But if your kitty is shedding too much due to anxiety regularly, keep an eye out for other telltale signs like urinating outside their litter box or hiding—these behaviors can indicate distress.

But don’t worry, there are steps you can take to help calm your cat’s nerves. To help calm your cat, take measures to eliminate potential sources of stress and consider over-the-counter calming aids to create a stress-free home for your cat.

How can I keep my house clean while my cat is shedding?

As a cat parent, you know all too well about the challenge of constantly cleaning up cat hair from every nook and cranny of your home. But you don’t have to resign yourself to living in a home covered in cat hair!

With these seven tips, you can keep your house tidy and fur free (ish) during shedding season and beyond.

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1. Brush Your Cat Like a Pro

Regular brushing of your cat’s coat with a cat brush helps keep it healthy, sleek, and free from dead hair follicles, dirt, and dander. Plus, it’s a great time to bond and soothe your cat, especially before bedtime.

Brushing is particularly helpful for older cats who may not be able to groom themselves as much as they used to.

2. Master the Art of Daily Fur Scooping

A small handheld vac can be your best weapon to keep cat hair and dander at bay throughout the week. It’s especially useful for picking up hair and debris tracked outside of the litter box, as well as those pesky tufts that tend to hide behind doors and along baseboards.

Trust me, staying on top of the cat fur daily can make your weekly cleaning routine a breeze!

3. Breathe Easier and Purify Your Home

If you want to keep your home both fur-free and fresh, consider an air purifier to capture those little tiny bits of cat fur that float around your home. While it won’t replace some of the other methods of reducing cat hair, it is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

One of the main benefits of an air purifier is that it can help with the dander that is spread around by the fur that falls out when your cats shed. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from allergies during peak shedding seasons.

Plus, air purifiers pump clean air into your home, making it smell like a cool breeze. So why settle for a fur-free home that still smells like a cat?

4. Keep Cat Hair at Bay

Your home is your sanctuary, and nothing disrupts that peace like fur all over your blankets.

So, provide your cats with their own beds and clean them weekly to maintain a clean, tranquil atmosphere.

And if your cat insists on using your blankets, don’t worry.

Simply toss those blankets into the dryer first to catch the loose fur in the lint screen before washing. This may seem like a minor detail, but it will make all the difference in avoiding a laundry disaster and keeping your home cozy.

5. Rubber Gloves and Lint Rollers for the Win

If you feel like you’re in a battle with the never-ending cat shedding fur, the solution is here!

Defeat shedding with the power of a rubber glove and lint roller.

By using the gloves to lift fur off your upholstery, you’ll be able to remove those pesky hairs that have wedged themselves deep into the fibers. And when it comes to stubborn hairs that won’t budge, a lint roller can be your savior.

With these tools at your side, you’ll be able to conquer even the hairiest of situations.

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7 Ways to Conquer Cat Shedding Season

6. Let’s Talk About Hairballs

Even the most well-groomed cats can’t help but hack up the occasional hairball—a gooey, gross, mess. And it’s important to have a plan of attack.

One essential tool no cat home should be without is a little Bissell or similar upholstery cleaner. First, scoop up the mess with a stainless steel spoon to avoid spreading it, then use your cleaner to handle the stain and odor.

With a little elbow grease and the right tools, your home can stay fresh and fur-free.

7. Upgrade Your Vacuum for Cat Shedding Season

You might think that a vacuum is just a vacuum, but when you have a cat, you know that not all vacuums are created equal.

Say goodbye to subpar vacuums and say hello to the Shark Pet Rocket. Trust me, it might change your life.

It’s lightweight, easy to use, and can even be broken down into a handheld vac to clean up any mess from the cat tree to the sofa to the carpet. Even better, the wood floor attachment means no surface is off-limits. Say goodbye to hair-covered furniture and floors and say hello to a spotless home.

Transform Cat Shedding Chaos into Zen

If you’re struggling with cat shedding, take heart –cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

With a few simple tools and tricks, you can keep your home fur-free and fresh-smelling.

From using a rubber glove and lint roller to purifying the air and upgrading your vacuum, there are plenty of ways to tackle the hairy situation. And don’t forget to fluff up those blankets and keep a hairball cleaner on hand for those inevitable messes.

With these tips in your kitty arsenal, you can keep your home clean and free from cat hair—even during peak cat shedding season!

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