Being a cat parent is harder than it looks.

You need to configure a cat-friendly environment. You need to integrate a cat into your existing family. And you must quickly train your cat away from destructive behavior.

Wouldn’t it be great if your cat came with a manual?

A definitive guide to stop litter box problems, safeguard your furniture, and keep your cat healthy and happy.

My childhood cat must have been a one-off. She was so low-maintenance she practically cared for herself. So, when I first adopted cats of my own, the sheer number of things I had to do overwhelmed me.

You know you signed up to care for your cat in sickness and in health, but how? How do you stay committed when your cat goes off the rails?

It pains me to admit this, but I almost gave up on my cats because of chronic stress-related behaviors. So don’t worry, I’ll make it super easy for you.

In this post, I’ll share three of my favorite cat behavior guides. I’ll highlight what you should focus on today. And help you discover the simple secrets you desperately crave to train your cat to stay calm and keep your home clean.

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Guide #1: Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide To Life With Your Cat

The truth: You need to shed common misperceptions about cats.

No, he’s not intentionally being a jerk. He’s not out to get you. And he will never behave like the family dog.

Total Cat Mojo is the latest entertaining and comprehensive book by Jackson Galaxy, the host of My Cat From Hell. It helps you understand your cat’s natural instincts—hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom, and sleep. And it unlocks everything you need to know to train your cat according to their natural instincts.

Total Cat Mojo Cat is the ultimate guide to training your cat. Take a peek at what you'll find inside, plus check out my other 2 favorite cat behavior guides.

From litter box avoidance and aggression to the right way to play with your cat, this guide helps you reduce cat stress and bond with your cat with ease.

My advice is to start with the three “Raw Cat” chapters, then jump to the chapters that cover the specific issue you are dealing with today. If you only read one guide on the list, make it this one.

Total Cat Mojo is in stock on Amazon.

Guide #2: The Trainable Cat: A Practical Guide to Making Life Happier for You and Your Cat

The Truth: You can train your cat but their motivations and priorities differ greatly from other pets.

The The Trainable Cat, a New York Times bestseller by John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis, takes a scientific approach to why and how you should train your cat. Which is why I picked up a copy for my husband, an engineer. And he read it cover to cover!

3 Guides to train your cat like a cat behaviorist - The Trainable Cat takes a scientific approach to cat training. #MyStressedCat

Their basic philosophy is “operant conditioning” and they share 9 key skills that build the foundation to train your cat. According to Bradshaw and Ellis, cats are learning all the time so there is no reason why you can’t train your cat.

The Trainable Cat is in stock on Amazon.

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Guide #3: Cat vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat 

The Truth: Tossing new cats together without proper introductions is a really bad idea.

Pam Johnson-Bennett is one of the top cat behavior experts in the world. She’s written 10 books about felines, and Cat. vs. Cat , was the first book to address the specific challenges multi-cat cat parents face.

3 Guides to train your cat like a cat behaviorist - Cat vs. Cat is one of my favorite guides for multi-cat training. #MyStressedCat

Cat. vs. Cat was the first guide about cats I purchased. Before I read it, I had no idea how to introduce two Siamese-mix kittens to my adult tortie cat and I did everything wrong.

To say it was an apocalypse is an understatement.

Fortunately, I could retroactively apply the methods when we moved to a new home. With my veterinarian’s guidance, I temporarily introduced drug therapy, mentioned in the “Extra Help” section. And I still use calming pheromones today.

So, whether a feral cat has adopted you or you intend to bring home a second, third, or sixth cat, read this guide. And avoid turning your home into a war zone.

Cat. vs. Cat is in stock on Amazon.

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The Truth About Training Your Cat

There’s no doubt raising a cat is hard work. But don’t make it harder by skipping the manual.

Take time to understand your cat’s natural behavior. Experiment. Learn what works and share these guides with other cat parents.

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