As cat parents, we all experience similar frustrations.

You’ve turned off the lights.  You sink into the pillow. But after a few minutes in bed…the vociferous meow. Your cat is wide awake. He rattles the door. Thud! Some unknown object hits the floor.

And you’re fatigued.

Whether your cat has separation anxiety, is bored, or is a rambunctious kitten with boundless energy, how do you keep your cat calm?

free cat calming music

Music might be one of the most fascinating cat calming remedies. And something you could easily turn on quietly at night. Scientific studies have shown that certain tempos and frequencies appeal to cats and cause them to relax. Which is why several composers have developed music specifically for cats.

Want to know what kind of music your cat likes? Check out the 5 free cat music compilations below to ease your cat into the relaxation zone.

1. Pet Therapy: Sleep Music for Dogs and Cats (1 hour 3 minutes)

This set contains one full hour of relaxing music to lull your cat into dreamland.

2. Anti-Anxiety Music for Cats and Kittens (2.5 hours)

Relax my cat uses binaural technology designed to relax and calm your cat and most of their music collection is available on YouTube for free. This one is designed to help soothe your cat’s fear and reduce their stress.

3. Relax My Cat Compilation (8 hours)

This eight hour set is perfect for when your cat is home alone for long periods of time.

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Free Cat Calming Music
Béla chilaxing to Pet Therapy: Sleep Music for Dogs and Cats

4. iCalmCat (Varies)

This is classical musical mixed for cats. They have listening samples available on their website and a full playlist available free on Spotify with a few commercial interruptions.

5. Cello Music for Cats (6 minutes)

Cellist David Teie writes music for animals—dogs, horses, and cats. My cat jumped up with his stress-induced cough, when I turned this one on. Reading through the YouTube comments, it appears humans, more than cats, enjoy this one.

As I’ve previously mentioned, both my cats love jazz and I frequently play it to keep my cats calm. My grey cat, Edgar, hates the cat specific music. But I’ve recently discovered that my lilac point, Béla, likes all of the above tunes, except for the cello composition.

While experimenting with music, you’ll find your cat’s favorite. And when you’ve found your cat’s favorite music, he will be calm. And you will be calm. When you leave for work. On your way to the vet. And most importantly, at night so you can sleep.

What’s your cat’s favorite music? Share it with us in the comments below.

free cat calming music

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