If you want to keep your cat calm during the boom, crackle, pop of fireworks season, you have to create a comfort zone in your home.

Loud noises cause cat stress.

Thunderstorms, fireworks, gunshots, and even the thump of a fast-moving delivery truck can trigger mild to chronic cases of cat anxiety.

Why is that?

Well, one reason is that cats have supersensitive hearing.

Stressed cats can develop health and behavior issues including, urinary tract problems, litter box avoidance, and excessive grooming, scratching or biting.

With simple pre-holiday preparation, you keep your cat calm, your cat stays safe, and you enjoy the fireworks and festivities. And what’s more, you can relax because you know exactly where to find your cat…at home.

tips to keep your cat calm on july 4th weekend

Keep your cat inside (even if she goes outside)

Fireworks may start as early as the weekend before July 4th and last well into the next weekend. Plan to keep your cat inside for several days to prevent her running away out of fear. If your cat tends to bolt through open doors and windows, set up cans of SSSCat, a motion-activated deterrent, to keep her inside.

Close windows and curtains

Open windows let scary noises seep inside. Close windows and curtains to muffle the sound. At the very least, lock your screens in place so your terrified cat cannot escape.

Provide a safe space

Cats love to hunker down in small spaces, especially when they’re afraid. Whether it’s a cardboard box with a blanket, a cat cave, or comfortable place in your closet, make sure your cat has a place to retreat when the fireworks start.

If your cat is especially anxiety-prone, consider setting up a temporary safe room with all your cat’s belongings: cat bed, toys, litter box, water.

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Spritz a scent of calm

About 15 minutes before the fireworks begin, spray a calming pheromone spray around windows, doors, and in your cat’s safe space. Calming sprays, like Feliway, release a continuous stream of pheromones that relax your cat.

Skip the hugs

My cats love cuddle time. But when they’re anxious, any attempts at affection, like hugging and petting, can startle them and leads to squirming, biting and scratching. Instead, speak in a low voice and let your cat to come to you…on his terms.

Wear him out

Long before the fireworks begin, engage in extra and vigorous playtime with your cat. Mental and physical exercise is a good way to put your cat at ease before the big boom.

tips to keep your cat calm on july 4th weekend

Turn on the tunes

Turn on some low-level music, or even the TV, to dampen the noise outside. My cats prefer jazz. What kind of music do your cats like?

Keep calm

Cats are sensitive to our moods. And research has shown they respond to human gestures, such as smiles and frowns. So, stay relaxed and in a positive mood, and it’s more likely your cat will too.

More pets go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year because of stress caused by loud noises. Keep clear and up-to-date photos of your pet. And make sure your cat is microchipped with your current information to increase your chance of being reunited in the unfortunate event that your startled cat runs away.


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