Wondering what to give your feisty but furry, loveable, talkative, active, or cuddly cat? I can help. I’ve curated seven purr-fect gifts for cats guaranteed to make them happy.

Use this sure-fire gift guide to check every cat off your list.

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Get Your Cat Moving with an Interactive Puzzle Feeder

Let’s get straight to the point, okay?

Cats are food motivated.

Their entire lives are scheduled around sleeping and eating. But left to their own devices and they may overeat.

Which is where an interactive puzzle feeder comes in.

Not only does an interactive toy promote exercise and slower eating, but it’s also a healthy and fun activity for your cat. 

Our puzzle feeder gets used every night for treats. After a solid 10-15 minutes of play, our cats are ready for nap time.

cat with interactive puzzle feeder

Get the Party Started with Savory Cat Snacks

In the words of Julia Child, everything in moderation…including moderation.

Crispy cat treats are like potato chips for your cats. With a few shakes of the jug, you’ll have your cat’s undivided attention.

My cats love these treats, and they work perfectly in the puzzle feeder.

Plus, they contain less than 2 calories per treat for the cat concerned about his youthful weight. And the crunchy treats help cats keep their teeth healthy.

That said, don’t let your cat serve herself, or she might eat the entire Friskies party mix in one sitting!

friskies party mix

Arouse Curiosity with Realistic Squishy Lizards

Cats are hunters.

My cats love to chase, bat, and run with these squiggly lizard toys!

I love that the lizards are chewable, waterproof, and eco-friendly. Some of them even glow in the dark.

I attach the lizards to a cat toy wand with string and let the cats chase it around the room. It’s a fun, vigorous workout for all!

squishy lizard cat toys

Create A Calm Oasis with Catnip

Want to spark joy for you and your cat? Try catnip.

Most cats will enjoy about ten minutes of euphoria and active play after consuming the nip, available as dried leaves, catnip spray, or in plant form.

Once the high wears off, your kitty will be relaxed, calm, and ready for naptime.

premium catnip

Look for catnip produced without chemicals, pesticides, or other preservatives, to make it a safe and healthy gift for cats.

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Give Your Cat More Room with a View

Chances are, there is a lot of wasted space in your home from your cat’s point of view.

Think vertically. A cat tree is like a jungle gym for your cat and gives kitty more room to climb, nap, and overlook his domain without using much floor space.

What’s more, a cat tree with a scratchable surface can keep your cat’s claws clean and his territory intact without resorting to destroying your furniture.

Tuft & Paw cat tree
The Milo cat tree from Tuft & Paw

Make sure to right-size the tree for your cat. And place it in a desirable location with optimal vantage points. Baby doesn’t like to be put in a corner!

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Give Your Cat A Luxurious Sleep

Spend any amount of time at home with cats, and you’ll notice one thing: Cats like to sleep—a lot.

Most cats spend, on average, about 15 hours a day getting some shut-eye.

While nothing can replace the coziness of a human pillow lap, a comfortable cat bed offers an oasis of calm.

The best cat beds are plush, self-warming, and supportive so your cat can snuggle inside without tipping over. Further, the bed should be washing-machine friendly and well-suited to your décor.

donut cat bed

Keep Kitty Entertained For Hours with Mice

Ever wish you could get your cat to be more playful while you sit on the couch? Try the Skitter Critters Catnip Mice.

I’ve purchased many gifts for cats over the years and this is hands down the best $3.00 I’ve ever spent on a cat toy!

Both of my cats love running around with these adorable catnip-filled mice. And the best part is they can even get them moving all on their own. 

These have been so much fun that after purchasing the 3-pack, I upgraded to the 10-pack so I can keep some upstairs and downstairs.

After a while, you might wonder what happened to all of the mice. Check under your couch, and I guarantee you’ll find the stash!

catnip cat mice

Ready to Buy Enchanting Gifts for Cats?

Pick one or more of the gifts for cats above, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time.

Ultimately though, you know your cat best. So, if you haven’t found the purr-fect gift on the list, use these three quick tips as your guide:

  • Perk them up with a catnip-infused toy
  • Nurture with comforting beds and blankets
  • Energize with tasty treats

Now, get ready to show your cat how much you love and appreciate them with your charming gifts.

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